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Welcome to Anjum Hotels

Welcome to Anjum Hotels, where spirituality meets hospitality. Opening soon in Makkah, our first hotel will bring a hospitality experience unlike any other to the Kingdom.

Our brand

In Arabic, Anjum means ‘constellation of constellations’ – Anjum is the plural of 'Nojoum' meaning 'a constellation', which itself is the plural of 'Najmah' meaning 'a star'. This is where our journey takes place, under the stars, which our ancestors looked to for direction. Inspired by the guidance provided by the constellations, we have created a spiritual hotel experience unlike any other.

Our Principle Constellations

In the universe, to give order to the light of the stars, God created constellations. Based on the same concept, we have our four Principle Constellations – which form the very core of everything we do:

Our light is our personal service and genuine Hijazi hospitality. Our standards are high – we provide exceptional service to all our guests during their stay and their religious experience

Our bearing is strong – we aim to make a positive economic and spiritual contribution to our community, and we’re always moving in a progressive and relevant direction

Our guidance are our Sharia principles and values. Committed to assisting and communicating wherever possible, we aim to help others achieve and succeed

Our wisdom is to use our experience, family heritage, judgement and knowledge, to honor and respect our community, to operate with Islamic integrity, and to move forward with excellence

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